New Project: Cake Bears

New Project: Cake Bears

Hi, guys! A new series for my 5-colour set has been planned and sketched out. Those are based on bears, each one in a different colour and carrying a cake.

They're planned to be available as amigurumi plushies in the following colours:

- Green (Key-Lime Pie)

- Red (Strawberry Shortcake)

- Blue (Blueberry Pie)

- Yellow (Lemon Drizzle)

- Purple (Chocolate Cake)

Even though they're to be created as amigurumi plushies, it would be nicer if I was to make them into graphic drawings. I'll start working on the bears, as soon as I go through my current project I'm working on. However, it's a quick simple one, so I'm happy to be starting this next project soon!

If you want to see my blog about my 5-colour sets, please click here.

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