Shipping Policy

Due to a significant number of paragraphs, this policy is on a separate page. Click here for more information.

Refund Policy

I offer refunds for handmade plushies and other physical products, unless the product has already been dispatched to their destination (see 'Return Policy' for more details). Therefore, I am unable to offer refunds, if the order has been lost and has not returned to me. On the other hand, if the customer is willing to pay half price towards the product, plus shipping, then I would be obliged to make a replacement and send it off again.

However, if the packaging has returned to me, then customers will have the option to refund the product. I am able to refund this, because I would be able to sell the returned products to other customers. Another choice that they can select, is request me to attempt to send off the packaging again. However, they would have to pay shipping towards the attempt.

I do not offer returns or refunds for digital downloads (e.g. amigurumi patterns), due to the nature of these particular items.

If you are experiencing problems with your order, please contact me via my contacts page.

Return Policy

Neither returns, nor exchanges are accepted. But please contact me, if you are experiencing problems with your order.

Privacy Policy

The phone number of this business has been kept private. Therefore, customers can contact the owner, either via email, or Shopify inbox. For more information, click here.

Email addresses and/or home addresses will be visible to the owner of the business, either when customers chat via Shopify inbox, or when they purchase a product.