Here are the questions that people usually ask me:

Q1. What type of yarn and crochet hook size do you use to make your amigurumi plushies?

I use DK (double knit) yarn. As for crochet hook sizes, it depends what project I work on. It ranges between 2.50mm and 4.00mm. The most simple plushies require the largest size, whilst I use the smallest size for the more complicated ones, because of its many details.

Q2. How big are your plushies?

They range from 12cm (approx. 5 inches) to nearly 30cm (approx. 12 inches). I try to make the plushies not too small, but not too big either.

Q3. Do you take requests/custom orders?

Yes, I take requests for amigurumi plushies and pattern. I then upload them for future stocks every month or so. Also, I create a stock for CHIp, a community hub in Ipswich. However, I can't take requests for minky fabric plushies, because of how difficult and expensive it is to get the materials.

And yes, I now take custom orders! If you could please tell me your address, I'd be happy to set up one for you and send you an invoice. However, in order to achieve this, I'd have to make the product and set up an image of it. This is just to give you an idea of what the product looks like. What cannot be accepted for custom orders, though, are my amigurumi patterns.

Q4. How often do you upload your new stock?

It depends. I upload new amigurumi plushies every month or so. They come either as individual characters, or as a series. When my stock at the CHIp runs out, a new one will be submitted.

However, I started doing amigurumi pattern testing via Ribblr, in December 2023. This is beneficial, because people can point out any errors that may appear in the pattern, and I can easily correct them. On the other hand, one of my amigurumi patterns get uploaded every couple of weeks, unlike my physical products.

Q5. How often do you restock plushies that have previously been sold out?

I restock these particular plushies every few months. Remember, they're made to order, and I would like to make different kinds of plushies to send off, instead of making the same plushie, one after another.

Q6. How do I know when your new stock is going to be uploaded?

I let people know via social media that I plan to upload my new stock days before the day they're uploaded. Sometimes, I remind them again, so that they won't miss out.

Q7. How do you sell your plushies?

Amigurumi plushies are usually made to order. The reason for this is because, making plushies before selling them would cause up a significant amount of storage, and they might not even be sold for a long time. Another reason is that I would not have enough time to work on future projects. This is why these particular products take days, or weeks to make before dispatching them and working on the next order.

Custom orders have to be made to order as well. Otherwise, if I made them before getting paid, the order might fall through, due to unforeseen circumstances.

The only times I do sell my plushies ready made, is when I submit them to CHIp, the Ipswich community hub.

Q8. How many of the same plushies do you stock?

The simpler plushies are to be made to order 5 times, whilst the more complicated ones are made no more than twice.

Q9. Do you have an Etsy account?

I used to have one which I opened in July 2020. 15 months later, I opened up my own website via Shopify. In August 2023, I closed my Etsy account, and then officially deleted the account in November of that year.