New Collection: 5-Colour Sets

New Collection: 5-Colour Sets

A new collection has been added to my website! Though, technically, the Fruit Pandas, the Costumed Animals and the Ice Cream Penguins have been around for some time. But it would be nice to organise them in a new collection.

There's something I really like about this colour scheme: Green, red, blue, yellow and purple. To me, there's so much I can do to make new ideas with these 5 colours and the possibilities are endless.

New project

For example, one of my new projects I'm working on is five Juice Carton bag charms, each one in a different colour.

However, I'm doing my business in a different way, such as working on custom orders and making one of my existing plushies for my upcoming stock. That means I'll only be able to work on new projects during breaks and weekends.

What's currently available?

The Fruit Pandas, the Costumed Animals (Ocean Set) and the Ice Cream Penguins are available to purchase separately, either ready made, or made to order. However, the Chick-In-Eggs aren't available as physical products yet--they're only seen as a free amigurumi pattern. They're very quick and simple to make, so if you'd like to crochet one, click here!

More of these particular plushies will be made soon! I'll try to upload more free amigurumi patterns as well.

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