Pokémon Wearing Kimonos

Pokémon Wearing Kimonos

Hi, guys! I know it's been a while since I posted a blog for the news, but I didn't really have anything exciting and new to share...until now.

A new series is underway for this spring! This series will include five different Pokémon wearing kimonos. Kimono Pikachu was already crocheted on 19th March 2024, but four other Pokémon have been decided on: Piplup, Snorlax, Scorbunny and Mew.

Keep in mind, unfortunately, not all Pokémon would really work for this idea. These are the ones with no head (e.g. Jigglypuff) and the ones with four legs (e.g. Turtwig). Sorry!

I plan to release them as physical plushies sometime in late April/early May. As for amigurumi patterns, though, they would have to join the queue for testing via my Ribblr account. I already have a couple of patterns that are yet to be tested.

Incidentally, I've never made a Pikachu plushie before. Never have I knitted one (I used to knit during my teen and early adult years), crocheted one, or even sewn one. Mainly because I already own Pikachu plushies for as long as I can remember, and I don't like to make plushies of ones I already own. Is it just me?

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