New Project In Progress: Costumed Animals (Summer Set)

New Project In Progress: Costumed Animals (Summer Set)

Ocean Set

Before I start talking about my new set that I'm currently working on, I have something to say. I haven't done a set for my Costumed Animals series since September. During that time, I made five different animals wearing ocean themed costumes. You can view the physical plushies and their amigurumi patterns:

Amigurumi Patterns

Bear In Orca Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Dog In Seahorse Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Duck In Whale Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Rabbit In Starfish Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Cat In Jellyfish Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Amigurumi Plushies

Costumed Animals (Ocean Set) Amigurumi Plush

New Set

Unfortunately, this series didn't really take off for me, even though I loved this series so much. But now, I'm starting to get back into it, by making a new set for this summer!

Up first is a dog in a sand bucket costume. I love this one, even though she was pretty straightforward, compared to the others that I'm going to do. I'll be working on the rabbit in a pineapple costume next.

If it all goes well, all five of the animals could be available as physical plushies next month!

How else could my Costumed Animals be available?

I'm thinking about making those Costumed Animals as graphic drawings. For example, they could be used on exclusive keychains. You know, the ones that customers get, when they order a physical plushie. But also, I could print them off and use them as pictures, as well as keychains! However, this could be a long way off, because I would have to find an appropriate way to sell them. Right now, I'm sticking to exclusive keychains. But making them as pictures would be a nice idea.

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