Costumed Animals

Costumed Animals

Hi, guys! I'm happy to announce that I'm now starting to create more designs and plushies, based on my original ideas. These 5 plushies are different animals wearing costumes. They are based on toys from the past, such as 'Costumed Cutiez' and 'Peek-A-Poohs'. I originally made plushies like these in 2021, but unfortunately, the series never took off...until now!

As you can see in the image above, they are wearing ocean themed costumes. These plushies will be available on the 16th October (9:00 am BST). If I continue making this series, more themes would be available, such as 'sweets', 'tropical', etc.

They're all available as amigurumi plushies and patterns! If you'd like to click these links below, for more information:

Amigurumi Patterns

Bear In Orca Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Dog In Seahorse Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Duck In Whale Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Rabbit In Starfish Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Cat In Jellyfish Costume Amigurumi Pattern

Amigurumi Plushies

Costumed Animals (Ocean Set) Amigurumi Plush

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