My Painted Squishies (2020-2021, 2024)

My Painted Squishies (2020-2021, 2024)

Here's another hobby that I occasionally do...transform and paint squishies!

Squishies used to be all the rage back in 2018, and I remember when I used to collect so many. Soon after, I watched videos on YouTube, in which squishies get fixed and decorated. I'm still watching videos like this to this day. I was really inspired and wanted to do that sort of project. I realised that painting squishies was a really fun experience, even though it can take longer than making amigurumi plushies.

Another reason why I enjoyed this hobby, was because this was another way for me to make new characters! When I made some of them as amigurumi plushies and/or patterns, they helped me figure out the correct proportions and colours. The 'Whale In A Fishbowl' (right side) and the purple elephant (also right side) will soon be available as amigurumi plushies, so look forward to that. 'Whale In A Fishbowl' is due to be made and uploaded in June, and the purple elephant is due to be made and uploaded the month after. 'Ollie The Chocolate-Orange Cake Cat', 'Clara The Coffee Bunny' and 'Strawberry Tart Penguin' are currently available as amigurumi plushies, though! Clara The Coffee Bunny's amigurumi pattern is currently available as an amigurumi pattern too. However, Strawberry Tart Penguin's amigurumi pattern is due to be tested via Ribblr, so it will be released as a pattern sometime in June.

However, although this hobby isn't as difficult and expensive as plush making (click here to view my plush making hobby), painting squishies could be a one off for me. This is because I actually don't have very many squishies to decorate. Also, getting the fabric paint is more difficult than yarn, even though you can find this particular paint in shops, unlike the materials for plush making. Another thing that you can't do, is alter their shapes very much. Therefore, you'd have to think hard when coming up with a new design for the squishy. Once you've painted a squishy, there's no going back, so it's much less forgiving than making amigurumi plushies.

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