My First Time Using Shopify To Start My Business

Hi! My name is Laura Dixon and I've just started working on my business on Shopify.

I currently have a business on Etsy since July 2020, known as LauraDixonAmigurumi. On that website, I'm selling crochet/amigurumi patterns which people can download as a PDF format. Not only that, but I'm selling commissions as well. However, now that I've joined Shopify, I intend to change my name to 'Laura's Collectible Crafts'.

In October of 2021, I graduated in BA Fashion & Textiles at Colchester Institute.

On Shopify, I hope to sell:

  • Crochet/Amigurumi Patterns to download as a PDF file
  • Crocheted collectibles, made to order and send off internationally
  • Textile designs that are digitally printed on fabrics for home decorations
Shopify has been really helpful in setting up my business, and I hope to sell my products via my new business on this website.
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