My Decision for 2024

I had a bit of a shock, recently. I had someone saying my patterns were "sparse" and didn't make any sense to them. However, I checked over the pattern and I couldn't see anything wrong with it. But it did leave me realising that other people see crochet patterns differently and that's understandable. I create my crochet patterns on Microsoft Word, because it's simple for me, and I can't afford to make them on other programs. Also, I try to make my patterns as little MB (megabytes) as possible, in order to use up less space on my laptop.

Actually, what I should have done from the start, was test my crochet patterns with other people. So, when I get back to work on 8th January 2024, I've decided to become a crochet pattern tester. I'm also planning to join more sites, such as Ravelry and Ribblr, as I'm reluctant to try this on Instagram, due to a lack of engagement. It may be a lot for me to take in, though!

This decision, however, could lead to me to putting pretty much all of my crochet patterns on draft. Not to mention, it could affect my next stock as well, as I was planning to upload new patterns on that day. But doing this will be a new start for me and will be beneficial. I think the best idea is to do crochet pattern testing with easier projects, such as my 'Fruit Pandas' and 'Ice Cream Penguins'.

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