Ice Cream Penguins

Ice Cream Penguins

Hi, guys!

A new set of my original ideas will be uploaded on the evening before my birthday (11th November 18:00 GMT). These are five different coloured penguins holding ice creams. I love them all, but I think the purple one's my favourite, because of her character and colours I've chosen. These penguins will be a nice addition for the Christmas season, as well as my birthday, so please give yourself a chance to buy one! Click here to view the products.

I don't usually make seasonal plushies or accessories, because I'm pretty rubbish with the timing. For example, when I completed the 'Costumed Animals: Ocean Set' in late September, I was already too late for summer 2023. So what I'm doing now is creating more plushies for different events, such as Christmas and Easter. This will help me come up with more ideas on creating original designs, as I don't intend to just sell plushies based on video game characters.

Anyway, I've decided to be considerate and upload these plushies and start a birthday sale 6 hours early, due to a lack of engagement on social media. If I posted it on my birthday (12th November), it would be too late for people to see my recent posts and would end up missing out on my short sale.

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