My Easter 2023 Break

My Easter 2023 Break

Happy Easter, everyone!

In case you don't know, I'm currently having a break, before going back to work on the 17th of April. That means, my physical products are still inactive until that day. Also, I'm not working on sales that have been recently made, either, so apologies for that. But I'll definitely continue to work on them when my break's over.

At the moment, I'm working on new products to upload for this month--these include amigurumi plushies and patterns, as usual. However, I'm now creating Splatoon OCs (original characters), but so far I feel like I'm only able to finish two, before I go back to work. Also, it seems like I'm definitely uploading a cushion cover of my graphic design I created on CAD software.

Also, I'm doing another craft related hobby, known as plush making. This includes using my sewing/embroidery machine (Brother M280D) to make plushies out of minky fabric. Not only that, but I can also use that machine to do my own embroidery!

So what I'm doing while plush making is that I'm basically starting fresh and working on simpler plushies, such as Kirbys. Then, I could move on to more complicated ones, like Animal Crossing characters. But that could take a long time, since I need to prototype new plushies, before using the final design.

However, these particular plushies won't be ready until around this summer, because I need time to make more of them and sell them ready made. My amigurumi plushies may be made to order, but my sewn plushies are a different matter. This is because plush making is more complex than crocheting to me. Another reason is because minky fabric is surprisingly difficult to get in my country the U.K., especially when I'm unable to get the right coloured fabric I want. This may lead to why I've decided to choose characters of my own choice to make, and won't be able to accept requests for these sort of projects.

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to upload my new wave for April, since I couldn't do so last month, due to a lack of new products. I'll upload an image of my new stock the day before they're uploaded!

Again, Happy Easter!

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