January-February 2023

Hi, everyone

It's been weeks now since my physical plushies were put on draft, because I've had a backlog of these particular items since the middle of January 2023. But now, I'm down to my last physical sale for now, so I might as well put those products back up tomorrow on the 16th of February.

During this time, it's been even more difficult for me, due to my delivery service Royal Mail being disrupted from a cyber incident. But I didn't want my customers to wait weeks before their orders were dispatched, so I had to use a different service, ParcelForce Worldwide. When things are back to normal, I'll use Royal Mail again. However, if you're experiencing problems with your recent order, please contact me via the contacts page, or try to contact the service who's delivering your order.

This has been the hardest past few weeks of my life, but I managed to pull through. Thank you, everyone, for your patience and your support! Again, my physical products will be up on the 16th of February. Also, my new batch will be released next Monday (20th February), so be ready for that. Please feel free to subscribe to my website, if you'd like to get notified about my latest products. Thanks again!

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