A New Version of Audie the Peppy Wolf

A New Version of Audie the Peppy Wolf

Hi, everyone, and Happy New Year again!

In September of 2020, I crocheted Audie the peppy wolf villager from the video game 'Animal Crossing'. And this was during my first few months of crocheting plushies.

However, just recently, I've done an updated version of Audie...she took longer than I expected to make. Not only did I have to go back and do her hair spikes, but also, there was a pattern on her muzzle, in which I had to change yarn colours. Not to mention, the pattern on her dress was time consuming.

That being said, I think Audie (2022) is a big improvement of the original version. One of the reasons why I think so is because I used a different yarn colour named 'Jaffa' instead of the original colour, 'Shrimp'. 

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